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It worked great on getting water stains out of expensive ceiling tiles. Allowed us to avoid the expense of replacing the tiles.

-Quality Inn & Suites

I discovered mold in my crawl space after all the rain this summer in the North Georgia mountains. Apparently the back of my house had not been properly water proofed! After the repairs I was looking for a product to rid the space of mold. Bio-Cide was the answer. No spraying just fogging did the job. Great product that works. Highly recommend this product.


Light and easy to breathe through, I don’t feel like I’m struggling for air like with some respirators. The filters protected me form the mold spores, I can’t smell any mold when I’m wearing this mask. This is a great respirator. Strongly recommended.


We never imagined that finding and purchasing our dream home could turn into a nightmare. The foreclosed home we bought had mold and waterleaks in the walls and we had no insurance for mold. With a little instruction and BioCide Products we were able to take care of the remediation process ourselves. Thank you BioCide Staff!

-Larry and Cheryl

Our construction business recently used this product at a home undergoing intense mold remediation in an area of Long Island affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Immediately after the storm, our company removed all of the porous building materials that we could, and then treated the remaining wall studs and plywood that remained part of the frame of the home.  Air movers were used, dehumidifiers, ozone generators, HEPA vacuums and antimicrobial spray-on products were employed during the initial and ongoing antimicrobial remediation of the home.  All seemed to be remediated, until the ground thawed and microbes began to become an issue once again. We scoured the internet and decided to give the mold bomb a try – this time in the areas that we could not reach with traditional remediation methods: the crawlspace and foundation of the home.  We are so pleased to report that your directions of use of the Biocide Mold Bomb product (3 cans in the house, 3 cans in the crawlspace of this 2000+ sq. ft. home) appears to have completely cleared all traces of microbes in this home.  We are currently finishing spackle without the ill-health effects caused by the vapors of proliferating molds, under the house.


We will never use another product for future mold remediation projects. With BioCide 100 we pass post remediation testing the first time, everytime. The product WORKS!


Used product on a mold rehab was very pleased with the ease & quality of the product!

-Cherokee Indian Reservation

We were not easy customers. In fact, we were downright demanding. The BioCide products delivered as promised the Mold BOMB is awesome!

-Bo and Betty

BioCide 100 and the Mold Bomb are remarkable products. Since we started treating our rental units with it, we have had ZERO tentant complaints of odors or mold growth.

-Leman, Capital Managment

BioCide products can’t be beat. If you have mold or water damage the products are worth every penny! 

  President, United Mold Services

We had mold growing between the walls of a family room and a bathroom. I cut an opening into the sheet rock only to find a widespread growth of mold. I tried bleach, vinegar, and the mold-killer products we purchased from the store; however, none of them worked. Finally, we were introduced to BioCide, purchased the “Mold Bomb” and placed it between the walls following the directions. Within hours we were mold-free. I was amazed. We also purchased the BioCide 100 but haven’t had the need to use it yet. Great product, it works! 


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