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The Mold Bomb is very effective at killing mold… The Biocide 100 is effective also but does not remove the stains left behind… Biocide Labs Stain Remover is very effective. Only down side it that it can only be used on white surfaces….It works great on ceiling tiles 🙂


I told my apartment complex there was mold in my unit. They did NOTHING! Actually, they told me to move out and they’d sue me for the balance of the rent. I had no real money to move as I am on fixed income and have no one to help me. I looked all over the internet and found Biocide Labs. The man was very nice and told me about the AirSafti Air Scrubbing machine. So, I took a chance because I had no other real choices. It was the best decision I ever made. The machine keeps my apartment air clean and I don’t feel the mold any more. I am still trying to move out, but right now this machine is saving my health.

-M. Streug

All the components fit together very well. It took me about 10 minutes to get used to the face mask, then I hardly noticed that I was wearing it. This suit is very comfortable and the gloves and eye ware are pretty stander stuff. Overall the entire kit did a great job!


I just wnat to say that the use of your Mold Bomb Fogger was sucessful. In the past months I have been trying to sell my Moms house. But the house had a musty mild dew mold smell. The first buyer had an environmental inspector, ServPro. They estimated $30k renovation to get rid of the mold. Then I used Biocide Mold foggers in crawl space, house and attic. I also scubbed panneling walls and floors with Tea Tree Oil/Vinegar/Pine Soil. We hired an independant inspector who only fould some black mold in the crawl space. His bill was $1.5k to kill Black Mold. The new buyers did not trust our inspector and hired another independant inspector who only found mold under the house, same black mold they said needed to be scapped. Bottom line we went from $30k repairs to $1.5k. The house sold. Thanks


I first used the mold bombs in my temporary housing. After results was an improved air quality. I used 6 in my 2 br condo that had been flooded from above, sustained years of inner wall leakage, and flooded basement area below. I am able to work with a mold mask for several hours. The biocide liquid was used on floors, counter tops, dish washer, and the kitchen cabinets inside and out. Combined with ventilation, the interior wall cavity in the hallway I am in the process of spraying. We are able to remove the items that hold mold spores and just want to say a really big thank you for this product.


Too whom it may concern; I bought the “MOLD BOMB” product a few days ago to kill mold that was forming within my basement in very old vintage wool area rugs. there were also older wood dressers located in the same room. I bought 1 can to treat a room slightly larger than 7000 cf. I figured with items like pool table and other large objects within the room. I would be fine. I set the spray and left the room. keep in mind I opened doors to old dressers to treat them as well. “IT WORKED” The basement smells new/clean. all I had to do after was to vacuum and wipe surface areas to please “wife” (but not required) this product is worth every cent. the dressers now smell of wood not mold the carpet and fabrics are not faded I have 3 wool rugs Worth over $9000 and was nervous at first, but I can tell you now no matter the cost of you rugs you can feel safe to use this product. to prevent mold from returning make sure you keep air circulating. I will advise friends to use this product.


Your stain remover has saved a lot of time and money for me. Instead of having to tear out the drywall and replace it, which is a long an expensive process, all I had to do was apply the stain remover to the stained area. Wait 10 minutes and the stain was completely gone. Very effective.


After many failed attemts at removing the mold growing in our back yard shed I used the Mold Bomb Fogger with great success. After killing the active mold I then removed the remaining particles with the Biocide 100. Both products worked extremely well and left the space smelling fresh. I have since used the stain remover in my shower just as effectively as the other two products. I will keep all products on hand for any future need and look forward to tring new products from Biocide Labs.


Just wanted to say that Biocide 100 is my new best friend!! I originally purchased this product because i had noticed a bit of mold growth around the shower in my guest bathroom. I used it for the mold and then decided to go ahead and try it out in different areas of my home. Man am I glad I did. This product is one of the best degreasers and disinfectants that I have ever used!! I am now an avid user of Biocide 100 and will be a life long customer!


Over the past couple months I’ve been in and out of the doctor’s office, but no one could give me a reason why I was so sick. Till I went down to my basement and found out that there had been mold growing down there the whole time. I got several quotes from remediation companies that were way more than I can afford. That’s why I am so thankful that I had discovered the Mold Bomb. It works like a charm. I placed a couple of the mold bombs in my basement and set them off. I waited about 2 or 3 hours. When I went to check on it I could instantly tell the difference. Over the next couple days the mold was gone, and I felt better than I’ve have in a long time. I don’t know how I would have got through this without the help of your product.


GREAT PRODUCTS! I own and operate a pest control business and we often are asked to treat crawl areas,basement areas, and living areas of homes that have been repossessed and have been sitting vacant for quite some time for fungus and mildew. The Mold Bomb foggers and Biocide 100 work wonders! The foggers leave a pleasant odor and when the areas were checked days later, the fungus and mildew has disappeared! We have used the Biocide 100 to clean areas in the living area of several homes and again with wonderful results! We are very pleased with this product and so are my customers! We will continue to use these great products!

-Town & Country Exterminating

If you have mold and don’t have the money to move out of where you’re at or get mold remediation done, this Air Scrubber thing is the only way to go! What a difference, I felt the change in the air with minutes. I can already tell you this is also going to save me when allergy season comes.

-C. Lightner

We wanted to tell you thank you and how much we appreciated all of your assistance in working with your company and its products. You helped us to realize that we were going to be using not only an effective remedy for our mold/mildew issue in our front bath but that we needed to treat the whole house. I got your cell # and called you, as you had instructed, when I was ready to set off the bombs. Here you were at 5pm on Halloween giving me directions and instructions! That was above and beyond! Communicating with you was easy and you were there throughout the whole process and wanted updates thereafter. Excellent customer service. We will highly recommend you and Biocide to our friends and family. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Sincerely,

-Deb & Jerryr

In this high humidity state, we routinely use BioCide Labs products during any remodelling projects, if mildew appears around air conditioning vents, or if any mold or mildew odor is detected in an apartment. These products are simple and effective solutions to the on going problem of high humidity causing mold and mildew.

-The Beachcomber

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