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We Talk You Through The Process
The prospect of beginning a mold remediation project can be intimidating, we at BioCide Labs understand that. BioCide Labs stands alone as the only chemical supplier of mold remediation 
products that can walk you through the entire mold remediation process step by step on the phone. Our trained experts are here 
to assist you in implementing your remediation project from start 
to finish.

Product Application Specialist

Our staffs expertise delivers to you, over 40 years of Professional Mold Service experience from mold remediation to mold remediation products. Our combined certifications in the industry include Certified Mold Remediator “CMR”, Certified Microbial Inspector “CMI”, and Certified Microbial Examiner “CME”, offering you the expertise and guidance needed to get the job done right.   

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Adverse health effects from moldy environments are a major concern, with extended exposure they can be devastating and long lasting. Biocide Labs can answer questions regarding a thorough and safe clean up.

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