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Mold Stain Remover

Stain Remover
Drywall, Wood, & Concrete

Usually when homeowners or maintenance personnel want to remove a stain from the ceiling or drywall, they have multiple steps in order to deal with the stain:

  • Cover it over with a stain blocker, wait for it to dry, then paint it and try to match the paint.
  • Cut that section out, replace, sand finish the drywall then prime it, paint it.
  • Resurface it with stipple or orange peel, and try their best to match it up.

With our revolutionary stain remover those steps are no longer necessary. With just a few sprays, your drywall, wood, or concrete stains will go away. This one of a kind product will remove almost any water or mold stain in just 10 minutes!

Product Rating

Average Rating: 4.2

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Your stain remover has saved a lot of time and money for me. Instead of having to tear out the drywall and replace it, which is a long an expensive process, all I had to do was apply the stain remover to the stained area. Wait 10 minutes and the stain was completely gone. Very effective.


It worked great on getting water stains out of expensive ceiling tiles. Allowed us to avoid the expense of replacing the tiles.

-Quality Inn & Suites

We will never use another product for future mold remediation projects. With BioCide 100 we pass post remediation testing the first time, everytime. The product WORKS!


CEO, Remediation Resources Unlimited LLC

Mold Stain Remover

Remove ceiling Water Stains with just a quick spray!

BiocideLabs Stain Remover

Expert Mold Remediation

We Talk You Through the Process

The prospect of beginning a mold remediation project can be intimidating. We at BioCide Labs understand that and can walk you through the entire mold remediation process step by step over the phone. Our trained experts are here to assist you from start to finish.

Expert Mold Remediation
Expert Mold Remediation

Eliminate Drywall Stains!

Other stain removing products just apply a thick and messy concealer that is likely visible after treatment. Biocide Labs Stain Remover will eliminate the stains from lightly colored substrates without leaving a trace.

Drywall Stain – Click to see where the stain used to be.

mold stain remover

Brightens Up and Removes Stains

You can use Biocide labs Stain Remover on a large variety of different substrates:

  • Wood studs
  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Ceiling water stains
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Stipple ceilings
  • Orange peel finishes
  • Smooth ceilings and Walls.

Only for use on white walls

Reduce the material cost and labor time of any job involving water damage.

Mold Stain Remover

Product Rating

Average Rating: 4.2

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