DIY mold test kit to test HVAC toxic mold in your home

DIY Mold Test Kit

Mold Test Company and Biocide Labs have teamed up to bring you a professional grade do it yourself mold test kit for your HVAC system. The MTC DIY Mold Air Test Kit is designed to give insight to the presence of mold toxins you may be breathing throughout your home. This mold test gives you a cost-effective alternative to expensive 3rd party complete home mold inspections.

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Test Mold In The Air Everywhere
With Only One Mold Test Kit

Test for mold in every room with the DIY mold test kit.

HVAC Mold Testing For:

HVAC Mold Testing for:Vents | Filters | Returns

Full Home HVAC Air Mold Test
Kit Includes

Included items of DIY mold test kit.

Includes: Mold Test Company Phone Consult
With A Certified Senior Mold Analyst

The DIY mold test kit includes a phone consultation with next-step advice from a senior mold test analyst.
Order the DIY mold test kit to test HVAC toxic mold in your home today.
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Don’t spend unnecessary money on costly mold remediation, get an accurate understanding of the health of your environment with Mold Test Company.

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