How To Use Mold Bomb Fogger

                                                            Mold Bomb

Mold Bomb

This page is designed to show you how to properly  place the Mold Bomb fogger. Using our state-of-the-art mold bomb fogger helps you to treat your entire environment. Mold fogging has the distinct benefit of treating all contents within an environment, ranging from furniture and electronics to walls, ceilings, and carpets.


Mold Bomb Fogger Steps
Easy step by step directions on how to activate your mold fogger.

 How to apply mold fogger
(1) Place Mold Bomb in the center of the room, or if there is 
visible mold growth, place the fogger near the site of contamination.

(2) Simply remove the cap from the mold fogger and push the

tab on the top of the can until it clicks and locks to begin fogging.
 (3) After releasing the mold fogger, allow to settle for two hours.

Expert Mold Remediation

We Talk You Through The Process

The prospect of beginning a mold remediation project can be intimidating.
We at BioCide Labs understand that and can walk you through the entire mold remediation process step by step over the phone. Our trained experts are here
to assist you from start to finish.

Mold Expert

How to Place Mold Bomb Fogger
Below is an example of how you may want to place mold foggers in your environmental.  This illustration demonstrates how a case of Mold Bomb Fogger (six canisters) can cover a 3 bedroom home.

                               Rooms to place mold fogger

                                  Placement of mold fogger

                                  mold fogger in you home

Mold Fogger