Clean Sweep Plus Kit


Product Rating
Average Rating: 5
kit includes:
8 Mold Bomb Fogger cans
1 quart of Biocide 100
4 gallons of Biocide 100
2 spray heads
1 Safety Kit
1 Air Safti Air Scrubber
Free technical walk through

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In this high humidity state, we routinely use BioCide Labs products during any remodelling projects, if mildew appears around air conditioning vents, or if any mold or mildew odor is detected in an apartment. These products are simple and effective solutions to the on going problem of high humidity causing mold and mildew.

-The Beachcomber

If you have mold and don’t have the money to move out of where you’re at or get mold remediation done, this Air Scrubber thing is the only way to go! What a difference, I felt the change in the air with minutes. I can already tell you this is also going to save me when allergy season comes.

-C. Lightner

It worked great on getting water stains out of expensive ceiling tiles. Allowed us to avoid the expense of replacing the tiles.

-Quality Inn & Suites

Light and easy to breathe through, I don't feel like I'm struggling for air like with some respirators. The filters protected me form the mold spores, I can't smell any mold when I’m wearing this mask. This is a great respirator. Strongly recommended.


Expert Mold Remediation

We Talk You Through The Process

The prospect of beginning a mold remediation project can be intimidating.
We at BioCide Labs understand that and can walk you through the entire mold remediation process step by step over the phone. Our trained experts are here
to assist you from start to finish.

Mold Expert

                   How safe are our products?

Our products are very safe to use in home and work environments. EPA has classified many of our products as hospital grade disinfectants. This classification makes them one of the safest antifungal antimicrobials available on the market today. Biocide Labs products are safely used in schools, daycares, food manufacturers, hospitals, and homes across the country. We pride our self on helping keep our clients home and work a clean and healthy place to be.

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